Personal information
Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland
Born in Helsinki, Finland
Citizenship: Finnish

Selected education
Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Master of Arts, contemporary artist 2015
University of the Arts Helsinki Theatre Academy, JOO-studies at Live Art and Performance Studies -program 2011-2012
Art School MAA, three-year study course for professional artist´s qualifications, contemporary artist, diploma 2007
University of Helsinki, Faculty of Arts, major theoretical philosophy 1995-2002
Critical Academy, writing studies 1994-1996
University of Helsinki, Drawing Department 1994-1995
Helsingin Normaalilyseo, secondary school graduate, matriculation examination 1993

Selected exhibitions
Osakasta Helsinkiin, AVA Galleria, June 12th – June 16th 2019
AVA Art Festival Osaka 2019, Enokojima Art, Culture and Creative Center, Osaka, Japan 2019
Art Fair Suomi ´19, Cable Factory, Helsinki 2019
“For New Ways” -group exhibition, Galleria Kookos, Helsinki 2019
“Art Fair Suomi ́17” -contemporary art festival, Cable Factory, Helsinki 2017
“6x6x2017”–exhibition, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Rochester NY, U.S.A. 2017
“Landscape Metropolis”-exhibition, G11 Galerie, Power Station Rathenauhallen, Berlin, Germany 2015
“Dreams in Helsinki” -exhibition, Virka-gallery, Helsinki City Hall 2012-2013
“LARU 12” -environmental art exhibition, Helsinki, Finland 2012
“ANTIDOTE 5” -art exhibition, MUU gallery, Helsinki 2012
“Save Vartiosaari” -environmental art exhibition, Helsinki 2012
“ANTIDOTE 3” Art Centre “Pushkinskaya-10”, Museum of Nonconformist Art (Big Hall), St. Petersburg, Russia 2012
“Spring Salon” -exhibition, Gallery Atski, Helsinki 2012
“Play IT”-exhibition, Gallery Jangva, Helsinki 2012
“LARU 11” -environmental art exhibition, Helsinki 2011
“AHNE 2011” -exhibition, Tallinn, Estonia 2011
“Hey, We´re in Space” -exhibition, the main lobby of Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki 2011
“Encounters”, Helsinki City Museum 2010
“AHNE 2010”-exhibition, Suvilahti, Helsinki 2010
“Spring Salon”, Gallery Atski, Helsinki 2010
”Maasta Mantereelle”-the degree exhibition of Art School MAA, Puristamo, Cable Factory, Helsinki 2007
“Sex and Other Interior Art” –exhibition, Gallery Augusta, Nordic Institute of Contemporary Art, Helsinki 2006
“A Night in Suomenlinna”-exhibition, Library of Suomenlinna, Helsinki 2006
“The Silent Song of the River” -landscape art exhibition of Espoo River, Espoo Center 2005
“Landscapes from Suomenlinna” -exhibition, Gallery Augusta, Nordic Institute of Contemporary Art, Helsinki 2005
“ITE-art project”, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Töölönlahti, Helsinki 2005
“822” -exhibition, Rantakasarmi, Suomenlinna, Helsinki 2005
“Five Senses” –exhibition, S-gallery, Helsinki 2005
“The New Life of Trash” –exhibition, Aralis-gallery, Helsinki 2004
“Urban Utopias” -exhibition, Halosen talo, Kaisaniemi, Helsinki 1998

Selected solo live performances
“New Way Love For Art” -performance at the vernissage of “For New Ways”-exhibition, Gallery Kookos, March 5th 2019
Dance performance at Night of the Arts, Gallery Nunes, Helsinki, August 24th 2007
La-bàs HyperCenter -international performance festival, Pannuhalli, Cable Factory, Helsinki, May 5th 2007
“Warm Rain” Art School MAA, February 2nd 2007

Selected group live performances
“Free Pussy Riot Now. Putin, fear no art!” Antidote 5-exhibition opening, MUU gallery, Helsinki, August 2nd 2012
“Organic Fashion Show”, with Riina Hänninen & co as part of Lookin´ Good, Finland –festival, Suvilahti, Helsinki, September 20th 2011
Dance performance “Leijutus”, 20-year anniversary gala of International Dance´s Day, Martinus Concert Hall, Vantaa, April 29th 2007
Amnesty International Womans´ Day Evening Event, Old Student´s House, Helsinki, March 8th 2007
Dance performance “Leijutus”, Kanneltalo Gallery, Helsinki, January 12th 2007
In co-operation with dancers Katja Hartikainen, Solveig and Nadja Engholm:
“Bara en stund” Art tent of Kaarina, Kaarina, August 13th 2005
Garage Art and Music Festival, Kemiö, August 5th 2005 and August 6th 2005

In performance group Kuu-Maa (co-founder):
Open House of Art School MAA, Art School MAA, Helsinki, December 2nd 2006
“Lighthouse”, Gallery Lighthouse/Majakka, Helsinki, May 16th 2006
“Space of the Global – the State of Performance”-La-bàs- international performance festival, Pannuhalli, Cable Factory, Helsinki, May 13th 2006
Performance of TARU´s exhibition opening, Lasipalatsi Exhibition Space, Helsinki, December 6th 2005
Studio La-bàs, Cable Factory, Helsinki, December 2nd 2005
Open House of Art School MAA, Art School MAA, Helsinki, November 27th 2005
KOE! -festival, Gallery Lighthouse/Majakka, Helsinki, November 24th 2005 and November 25th 2005
Vadelma Club, Club Liberté, Helsinki, November 23rd 2005
Garage Art and Music Festival, Kemiö, August 6th 2005
Faces-festival, Billnäs, July 30th 2005
Factory, Helsinki, April 30th 2005

Upcoming performances
A solo performance at AVA Art Festival, Japan 2020

Selected work experience
Model, Fashion Model Agency 2019-
Various modeling works 2018-
Media Designer, YLE Corporate Development/ YLE Programme Development (Visual design and concept design in many different new, old and crossmedia projects; analysis, evaluation and innovation) 2003-2004
Webmaster, YLE Corporate Development / Programme Development RTI / New media team Digitakomo (Visual design and implementation; and concept design in various new and crossmedia projects) 2002-2003
Photographer and journalist, Inter Press Service 2000
Freelance video cameraman, YLE TV1 1998-2000
Photography model, 4cast Model Management 1998-2000

Selected experience as an actress
A big acting role in a full-length movie 2019-2020
Advertisement film for Kone, director Samu, real estate manager 2018
”Visit Turku – Kiss My Turku” –advertisement film, director Joel Hypén, islander 2018
”The Happiest Day In the Life of Olli Mäki / Hymyilevä Mies”, director Juho Kuosmanen, supporting actress, 2016

MUU ry, The Artists’ Association of Finland