Minna Alaluusua is a multidisciplinary experimental artist from the North, who combines good ideas and innovativeness with various aesthetics.

Artistically, Minna Alaluusua has focused on formalistic and content-oriented visionary avant-gardism. She is constantly innovating with form and content – even in relation to her own previous artworks. Due to this experimentation her works represent many different aesthetics and her artistic repertoire is unusually diverse and wide-ranging. Alaluusua seeks to combine good ideas, new innovations and originality – both in the form and content of her works. Aesthetically, Alaluusua’s artworks are meant to create unique and striking aesthetic experiences.

Alaluusua has studied philosophy, other liberal arts, contemporary art and poetry extensively and she seeks to apply everything she learns to her art works. Due to Alaluusua’s background in philosophy, she is, in essence, an innovative philosophical artist, whose intellectual goal is to encourage people to think questioningly, independently and wisely, and according to rational reasoning and to apply scientifically proven knowledge and scientific thinking creatively also to all applicable public and private social situations and art. Alaluusua also wants to help all people find creativity and the joy of creating in themselves. Additionally, Alaluusua wants to use her art to make the world a better place also through encouraging empathy and understanding, to help people in different groups see commonalities instead of differences, to increase hope for the better and to strengthen the will to develop ourselves, the culture and the world – as well as the will to work towards these goals.

Trying to create works of art that are as good as possible, beauty and love and developing her personality, her own feelings and intelligence, creativity and wisdom have been Alaluusua’s core values. As time has passed, Alaluusua’s core artistic values – those she applies to her artistic works – have boiled down to questioning even the very foundations of things and striving to constantly innovate in a creative and open-minded way. Additionally, Alaluusua’s aesthetic guiding principle has frequently been an attempt to try to capture perfect beauty or her own vision of it.


Minna Alaluusua was born in Helsinki, Finland to a mathematician father and a teacher mother. Her family is from Western Finland and Finnish and Norwegian Lapland. Minna Alaluusua has two degrees in art: a Master’s degree in Fine Arts / a degree of Contemporary artist from the Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture and a three-year study course for professional artist’s qualifications from Art School MAA.

Minna Alaluusua’s artistic development followed the same path as the art history of the twentieth century. She started oil painting while only three years old. From painting and drawing she switched to photography and video. After that she focused on site-specific art, installations, different kinds of performances, dance art, conceptual art, and after that on new media art and participatory art among other things. Alaluusua utilized every possible way of creating art available at the time and innovated continually with new forms and content. However, performative art was most often closest to her heart. She preferred various movement-based performances and performative photographs and videos. Alaluusua has combined her previous experience in liberal arts, contemporary art and poetry art, as well as her experience working as a Media Designer at the Corporate Development of Finnish Broadcasting Company to create artworks that give people good experiences, empower people and encourage better ways of thinking, creating and living. She has also created several interdisciplinary artworks and collaborated with many scientists and artists from other fields.